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So often one loving memory will spark another cherished memory.   What better way to enjoy new friendships than to share our memories.  I send a heartfelt "Thank You" to each one who has written to share with me.  This page is dedicated to new friends.   Enjoy your stroll down memory lane with us.
-Open an umbrella in the house and have bad luck for one year.
-Don't speak ill of the dead or they will visit you the next night in your sleep.
-Favorite "cure all"  was sassafrass tea.  Good stuff and great for a pick me up anytime!

Louise Cook
Arizona, originally from Arkansas 
-Throw a pinch of spilled salt over your left sholder or you invite bad luck.
-If a black cat crosses your path, turn left, go to the next corner and procced with caution (watch for the cat).
-A whistling girl and a crowing hen never come to a no good end.
-Mountain folk used to boil their potatoes and keep the water and use it in their gravy instead of milk.  Healthier and no waste.
-Don't ever look a dog straight in the eye.
-If stung by a wasp, bee, hornet, yellowjacket, etc. put a wad of chewed chewing tobacco on the spot and keep it there until the pain and swelling are gone.
-If a dog has worms, make him swallow a penny.  Worms will disappear.
-Nothing cheaper than soap and water.
-If you get up in the morning and get your bed made and dishes done, your house is half clean.

Gracie Lou
S. E. Kansas
-Put a knife under your pillow to keep bad dreams and nightmares away.

Mary C. Chandler
A pregnant woman scared by any creature may mark the baby with a birthmark in the shape of the animal.
If you want to know who you will marry, take a half spoon of salt on the tongue before bed.  Your love will bring you water in your dreams.
A croaking frog on your wedding night - A child will be born nine months later.
If a fern grows in the path you walk, a death of a loved one is soon to happen.
Hot water cuts grease, cold water cuts soap.  A little soap left will clean you out.
Gossip that is not true will call the demons to you.
Cut your finger on a shard, a stranger will take what's in your pocket.

"How many times I listened to the old folks and all they believed.  It always has surprised me that much of it comes true."

Louise Kohl
If you open an umbrella in the house you will have bad luck.
Break a mirror and you will have 7 years bad luck
Never walk under a ladder, bad luck will follow.
If a black cat crosses the road in front of you, mark an X in front of you so you won't have bad luck.
If you drop a dish towel, someone will come hungry.
Spilling milk will make a cow go dry.
Swallow a minnow to cure whooping cough.
Foot itching means you will walk on strange ground.
Hand itching means you are going to handle a lot of money.

Fon Sexton
If a bird flies in your window, someone will die.
If your nose itches, someone is coming.
If your ears burn, someone is talking about you.
Marry in black, wish yourself back -
Marry in red, wish you were dead.

Linda Neal
If you have beehives and their owner dies, you must go out and tell the bees and drape the hives mourning or they will leave and never return.

Kate Dalton
If you bake a meringue pie in your "monthly" your meringue will fall completely flat and not stay high.

Linda states she learned of this the hard way.  Expecting friend Karen from Louisiana to visit Linda baked one of her special chocolate meringue pies.   These special pies which usually had high, beautiful meringues.  This one was FLAT!   Karen took one look and solved the mystery.   Linda continues to bake her wonderful meringue pies - just watches WHEN she bakes! :)

Linda Kay Kerns
McAlester, Oklahoma 
Sweeping your trash outdoors after dard is bad luck!

Cure for shingles is to kill a black chicken, cut it's head off and rub the blood on the shingles.

Kenneth McClanahan
Abingdon, Virginia
Feel free to share your memories and superstitions with us.  Just drop me an email.   Take a minute to sign the Guestbook to say hello and come again soon to see the updates.  Hope you enjoyed your visit.
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