Mountain Memories
On this page you will find gifts sent by new friends I have met on the net.  Some are from talented folks in new groups which have accepted me in their groups, others good wishes to make special times even better.   I have put them here so you can enjoy them with me.  Just click on them to learn about the causes and ideals represented here or to visit the pages of these talented folks.  

A heartfelt "Thank You" for each one to those who took the time to bring a smile to my day!
Gifts from White Rose Sisters
Gifts from ROAK Sisters
October 2000
Gifts from Garden House Sisters
March 3, 2000
October 2000
Gifts from Golden Moon Sisters
October 25, 2000
October 25, 2000

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October 28, 2000
Thanks New Sister Credo
October 25, 2000
Gifts from Friends
March 10, 2000
Thanks, Rick!
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