Mountain folk were very self reliant people.  Doctors were few and far between so folks had to use home remedies made from materials found in the mountains.  These mountain style hints include some medical home remedies.  The home remedies listed in this site are not intended for anyone to try even though it is reported these treatments were used in the old days. 

If a single girl wants to know who she will marry, she must peel an apple from top to bottom without breaking the peeling and then drop on the floor.  The peeling will form the first letter of her future husbands name.

BURNS - Keep a raw potato cool in the refrigerator.  If you get a burn, cut the potato in half, scrape the middle with a spoon and apply the mush to the burn area.  When the mush turns brown, remove and reapply new potato mush.  It will stop the pain and heal the burn without scars.

SHINGLES - Wash shingles with homemade lye soap twice a day.  Pat dry.  Wear loose clothing so the air can get to the shingles.

BOILS - Place a piece of raw potato or a piece of raw fatback (salt bacon) on top of the boil.  Wrap with a clean strip of cloth and leave on overnight or longer if needed.  Change every day if longer than overnight.  This will bring the boil to a head  causing it to rupture and heal.

COLDS, CROUP, LUNG FEVER - Take one dose every day of rendered groundhog grease to cure.

COUGH  -  Make homemade cough syrup by taking one pint of whiskey (moonshine is the best) and put in a big handful of rock candy.  Let this sit until the candy is melted.  Shake well and take one teaspoon every few hours or as needed.  If you don't have rock candy, just sip a teaspoon of whiskey or moonshine when you start to cough.

BAD COLDS, FLU WITH FEVER  -  Drink a hot toddy and go to bed with plenty of cover.  Since this will open you up, don't go out and fan around the next day and your cold or flu will be cured.  To make a hot toddy put one tablespoon whishey (moonshine best) in a large glass.  Add one tablespoon of honey.  Stir until honey is thin.  Add a pinch of ground ginger root, mix well.  Fill the glass with water as hot as you can comfortably drink it.  Sip as many tablespoons as you can, then go to bed.

WATER MARKS ON FURNITURE  -  Mix spoonful of salt with two spoonsful of lard.  Rub into water spot gently to remove.

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