The Appalachia mountains of southwest Virginia is an area of rugged terrain and breathtaking scenery.  Due to this rugged terrain and the isolation the first settlers had to be strong individuals in body and spirit.  They tended to be a clannish group who had a strong faith in God, took care of their own, helped their neighbors, and offered true hospitality to any traveler who came by needing a helping hand.  Few were educated so the knowledge to survive and family histories were given to future generations in the form of stories and superstitions.  Even in todays world of MTV, computers, and modern technology you find a strong belief in the supersitions and legends of the mountains.  At the end of the day when the dusk is slowly falling over the mountains and we ponder the events of the day which often follow a happening which brought a mountain superstition to mind, it is much easier to believe than to doubt

A strange dog howling in the middle of the night is a sign of death.

If your nose itches, company if coming.

Don't tell a bad dream before breakfast, it will come true.

If you drop a biscuit taking them from the oven, unwelcome company is coming.

Whistle before breakfast, cry before dusk.

Death comes in threes to a family or community.

A calico cat is lucky, especially if it is a stray and you give it a home.

Cats and dogs won't go into a room where ghosts or spitits are present.

If a bird gets into the house, it is a sign of death.

The number of winter snows can be told by counting the number of  morning fogs you see in August.

You can tell who is the boss in a family by looking at the toes of husband and wife.  Look at the toe next to the big toe.  If that toe is longer than the big toe on one, that one will be the boss.

To guard good health don't go barefoot or without an undershirt before May 10.

A woman should not can food during her "monthly".  Anything she cans will spoil.

Never plant any crop when the sign is in the "privates".

Planting potatoes on the full moon will cause them to grow too close the top of  the ground and sunburn them.  Planting on the dark of the moon will cause them to grow deep roots and make it nearly impossible to dig the

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