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So many times I have visited wonderful sites which show love and devotion to family research or have touched my heart in a special way and have wished I had a better way than a guestbook to say "Thank you for your work and for a wonderful visit".  These awards are my way of saying those things and give a "pat on the back" to those who work long hours to acquire and provide this valuable knowledge. 

Please feel free to apply for one of my awards and invite me to visit your site or another site you feel is deserving of an award.    All pages awarded these must meet the following guidelines. 
1.  Site must be family friendly and suitable for all ages.
2.  NO profanity, adult language, or link to adult site.
3.  Site must contain genealogy material for award #1 & #2.
4.  No dead links.
5.  Signing my Guestbook would help!
6.  Winners must link award back to Mountain Memories.
7.  Please specify which award you would like to receive.
Award #1
Award #2
Email by clicking on tree below.  Include your SITE TITLE, YOUR NAME, URL,  BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF PAGE AND WHICH AWARD YOU WOULD LIKE.  You may also suggest another site you have visited and would like to recommend.
Award #4
Award #3
Friends to visit since November 25, 2000.   Thank you!
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